About Us

Picture of Rimakej and Cristophe Valentini posing close together and smiling while sitting on the bank of the Guadalupe River in Texas, USA.

Welcome to Healing Heritage Hearth!

HHH began as Half Hectare Homestead, a small acreage holistic homestead we ran together near San Antonio, Texas, USA for five years. Now HHH is Healing Heritage Hearth, a safe space for promoting personal and community healing through sustainable and Indigenous practices. Sharing love and learning from our Hearth to yours.

Follow our journey through our personal blogs here on the HHH website, and maybe even learn some nifty information about conscious health-based living!


Full body picture of Cristophe sitting perched on a large oak tree branch in a Houston, Texas, USA park.

Cristophe Valentini (he/him)

My constant interest in the study of life led me to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences. I have also gardened since age 5 in whatever space I had available to me. Be it small pots on a window sill or apartment patio, to full on pastures. The majority of my personal time has always been devoted to reading a wide variety of books, often about plants and their uses. Through this personal research I grew my passion for sustainability.

In the Fall of 2016, I made the leap to a full-time commitment of homesteading near San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Since then, I completed 1,000 hours of education on Herbalism from the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. I’ve also read even more books than I care to count, picked up more skills many forgot, and learned something new¬†every day.

Now, I am compiling all of my experiences and gained knowledge to share with others in promoting their own healing journeys!

Full body picture of Rimakej posing, while standing in between two old rock wall buildings that have vines and moss growing on them in Totnes, Devon, UK.

Rimakej Lynn Valentini (they/them)

My passion for the study of life led me to gain my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with an Environmental Science minor. I also worked for six years as an Aviculture Animal Care Specialist. I loved working with wildlife so much that I even advanced to a senior position. Yet the capitalistic extortion built into this career path was taking it’s toll on my health. So, I channeled my passions for Nature towards my home life, and switched to a human based medical career. First as a Phlebotomist and then as a Laboratory Technologist.

When Cristophe made the leap into full-time homesteading, I continued to conventionally work. Whatever time I had free though, I committed to learning more about sustainability. This time helped me to experience the pleasure of healthy work that directly promoted my own well being. I also found immense joy in seeing, hearing, and feeling the life of Nature return to the land around us year after year.

In October of 2020, Cristophe and I committed to putting our health first. I left my conventional job, and we entered a transitional phase. This time has included many learning experiences that have taught us more about ourselves, the diversity of life around us, and living in balance with Nature. We have both also grown much during this time by finding and reconnecting with our own Indigenous roots.

Now, we are focused on sharing that health with others!