Black Futures Month Guest Blog: Sweet Yams

February is Black History/Futures Month! To celebrate, HHH is giving space to another ethical black-owned business we know and love, Sweet Yams Health Food Restaurant!

Logo painting of a tree with a red heart floating in its leaves and a barn behind a farm field in the background above the words "Sweet Yams."

About Sweet Yams

“We’re on a mission to heal the world through food; nurturing your mind, body, and soul with Organic local and nationwide ingredients. We are the 1st Organic take-out restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Providing you with delicious quality Organic, Gluten Free food. We also provide a fresh Organic Juice Program to reset your body’s metabolism. This includes our Solstice Organic Market where we provide Fresh Organic Produce Baskets and other Organic Essentials.”

Community Love

Not only does Sweet Yams offer delicious organic and gluten-free food, which is a rare find most anywhere, but they also truly care for their community. Whether those community members are their customers or not.

Purple transitioning into orange colored flyer with Sweet Yams' logo reading, "Sweet Yams: 'Operation Keep Warm' Help us in donating New or Gently Used clean Blankets/Sleeping Bags for the homeless right here on the East Side of San Antonio! We will be accepting blankets thru the end of December and distributing them weekly. Drop off at Sweet Yams Location 218 North Cherry St. between 11am-2pm. We LOVE You!"
A recent example of Sweet Yams’ community care efforts.

Why We Love Sweet Yams!

As far as their customer service goes, it is beyond compare. As stated in some of our previous food related blogs, Cristophe and I have very sensitive dietary intolerances that go way beyond gluten. Upon our first discovery of Sweet Yams, we messaged them ahead of ordering. This was to explain our needs upfront and inquire if there was anything safe for us on their menu. We’ve become accustomed to taking this precaution with multiple restaurants before and since. Sweet Yams’ response has remained the best by far.

They were truly aware of all of their ingredients, including the ingredients of their processed ingredients! Do you know how rare this is? At many of the other restaurants we’ve tried, staff assured us that one of their meals did not contain one of our intolerances. They thought this because they did not put that specific ingredient in there themselves. Yet, the sauce/dressing they bought and used to make that meal did! Our subsequent illnesses from trusting those places taught us never to again. The staff at Sweet Yams, however, really know their food! They even documented our needs to insure our health for every single meal we ever order.

This led to one of our favorite experiences with them to retell. We loved their food and trustworthiness so much, that we regularly ordered our favorite meals from them whenever we could afford it. This included their super tasty shrimp boy! Normally, the ingredients of this sauce are safe for us. However, one time, they had some supply issues and had to temporarily switch to making it with a different ingredient that included one of our intolerances. What did they do? Sweet Yams’ staff quickly notified us and even offered suggestions for their other sauces that were still safe for us. Also, once they were able to resume making their usual shrimp boy sauce, they notified us again, so that we could order and enjoy it once more!

Sweet Yams’ Organic Food Program

“No time to Cook? Let Sweet Yams take care of the food, while you take care of yourself and the family. It is our passion to provide the most effective and enjoyable meals that we’re capable of preparing. Our motto is simply, ‘Don’t Cheat Yourself, Treat Yourself!’ You’ve worked hard and deserve the best experience for your pleasure and body.”

Picture of a portion of salmon cooked with blackened seasoning and covered in rich red buffalo BBQ sauce over a bed of brown rice with a side salad of mixed greens and carrots.
Blackened Buffalo BBQ Salmon. One of the many delicious seasoning, sauce, and protein combinations offered by Sweet Yams.

“Select the meal plan that works best for you. We will package them for you, to take home or to work, and enjoy at your convenience. Eating right and juicing regular can rid your body of dangerous toxins and regenerate your organs. Our food program is for health, pleasure, and convenience. Take your life back to youthful greatness! The healthiest choice you can make in your life is to juice.”

100% Organic Juice Healing Program

“Our Organic Juice Program has been very successful in helping our clients rebuild and rejuvenate their bodies. This allows the natural healing process to take place. We feel that it is by far the most effective healing aid on earth. Weight loss issues, diabetes, and high blood pressure can be minimized or eliminated. It’s very simple. It takes about 30-60 days for the body to acclimate and start the process of healing with abundant nutrient rejuvenation.”

“We believe in this program and it’s results. ‘The Body is the healer, the juice is the aid!’ All formulas are made from ALL Organic farm fresh vegetables including: carrots, beets, chard, kale, cucumber, a variety of lettuce greens, and other medicinal living veggies. The nutrient packed juices will increase your energy, clarity, and devotion to health. Chef Gus also offers one on one juicing consultations. The key to success is commitment and consistency.”

Picture of large white sign with Sweet Yams' logo on it and the words, "Sweet Yams Organic Takeout/Delivery, 210-229-YAMS, Weekly Organic Produce Baskets, Organic Juice Program, Organic Food Program, Gluten Free, and Vegan Friendly."

Contacting Sweet Yams

Check out our HHH Supported Businesses page for more info on Sweet Yams Health Food Restaurant, or click on these links to see their Instagram and Facebook pages!

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