Create an Oasis with Greywater (5th edition) by Art Ludwig


Create an Oasis with Greywater provides an incredibly detailed but DIY friendly approach for recovering greywater. The book details putting it to a secondary use instead of just letting it go down the drain. The options covered range from ultrabasic and low tech to retrofits and new builds with integrated greywater irrigation systems.

He is careful to talk about legality as well as health as safety considerations in the actual use of greywater and includes several real-world working examples. These examples are invaluable in my opinion, since it takes the book beyond theory.

What I Learned from Create an Oasis with Greywater

I learned the differences between clearwater, greywater, dark greywater, blackwater, and reclaimed water. I also gathered how to use greywater safely and efficiently. These lessons are invaluable as I contemplate how to make my homestead more efficient.

Greywater reclamation is eco-friendly on a multitude of levels, which appeals to me. Like most ecological design considerations, each site has specific requirements which must include the people using the site and the particular source of greywater.

The Thing I Found Most Interesting and Why

50-80% of residential water use is greywater! That statistic blew my mind.

Additionally, biodegradable (breaks down in the environment) and biocompatible (non-injurious for the soil and plants being watered) are not the same things. I found learning about the distinction from Create an Oasis with Greywater fascinating as well.

What I Didn’t Like About Create an Oasis with Greywater

There was not a thing I didn’t like. I found Create an Oasis with Greywater informative and well put together.

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn about greywater even if you don’t intend to use it, this book is required reading. The author regularly releases newer versions of the book but also posts updates on his website

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