HHH Supported Businesses

Looking for ethical, conscious, and health-promoting small businesses to frequent? Check out our Friends of HHH list below! (Note: Healing Heritage Hearth does not receive any monetary payments from these businesses for advertising. We simply love to support their work!) Happy shopping!

Internet Based Businesses:

Dark blue background with stylish text print of the words, "Silver Magpie Writing Services LLC."
Silver Magpie Writing Services “Where Writing Moves”

Silver Magpie helps small businesses compete against larger companies through effective and timely written products, so those businesses can better serve their communities. This author also helped us immensely by educating and encouraging us to start HHH. Thank you, Silver Magpie! Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages!

Picture of small perfume bottles with various labels showing mythically themed names, such as Kyphi, Coven, Amphitrite, Morrigan, Cernunnos, Absinthe, The Queen Bee, Mina, Absalom, and Psyche.
Luna and Eve’s Boutique

Non-toxic botanical fragrances hand crafted from solely natural essential oils in natural skin-safe carrier oils. The only perfumes/colognes either of us will ever wear! Strong long-lasting true scents cleverly blended and named by one of our dear friends. Check out her Facebook and Etsy Pages!

The Nightbird Vlogs logo drawing of the front a very artistically detailed and multi-colored owl in flight with outspread wings.
The Nightbird Vlogs “Peace, Love, and keep being Awesome!”

Follow the informative and entertaining vlogs of a proud Indigenous, Pagan, and Neurodivergent Transwoman, Alice Nightbird. Sharing her own personal experiences in this world, and featuring her beautiful outdoor adventures in Colorado, USA. Watch her Youtube vlog channel and/or check out her designs on her Redbubble page!

Picture of many necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings handmade of reclaimed silver and ethically sourced stones with the words, "Cody Sanantonio Modern Primitive Jewelry."
Cody Sanantonio Jewelry

Urban style organic roots limited edition artisan jewelry by Cody Sanantonio. She uniquely hand crafts each piece from reclaimed silver and ethically sourced stones. Including our own beautifully custom made marriage rings! Check out her Instagram and Facebook pages!

Logo print of a pentacle behind the words "The Witch Wench."
The Witch Wench Blogs “Where there’s a witch, there’s a way.”

Follow the life, musings, and experiences of a modern witch. Kate Goth started her blog as way to share her own experiences with witchcraft, how she uses it throughout her day-to-day life, and to support other people seeking that connection. “A place where witches and ‘canny folk’ can share their craft, inspire, and inform each other.” Check out her Instagram and Facebook pages!

San Antonio, TX, USA Area Businesses:

Logo drawing of the front entrance of a glass green house with flourishing plants inside and the words, "Pure Aloha Est. 2014 A Natural Skincare Company."
Pure Aloha Bath and Beauty

Plant-based, non-toxic, and vegan handcrafted natural bath and body products made in small batches with absolute love and pure intentions! Featured in our Black Futures Month Guest Blog: Pure Aloha as an ethical black-owned business we know and love. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages!

Logo painting of a tree with a red heart floating in its leaves and a barn behind a farm field in the background above the words "Sweet Yams."
Sweet Yams Organic Health Food Restaurant

On a mission to heal the world through food; nurturing your mind, body, and soul with Organic local & Organic nationwide ingredients. They are the 1st Organic take-out restaurant in San Antonio providing you with delicious quality Organic, Gluten Free food. Featured in our Menu Nightmares: Food Allergies/Intolerances blog as one of the few places we can order flavorful and safe food from, as well as in our Black Futures Month Guest Blog: Sweet Yams blog. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages!

Picture of the front entrance of Nine Lives Bookstore.
Nine Lives Books “Where used books live again!”

Independent bookstore with strong community ties, affordable prices, and a love for collectable items including music, movies, manga, cards, comic books, and art. Featured in our Community Support: Necessity, Not Option blog. Check out their Facebook page!

Picture of a beautiful sunset behind the Texas hill country landscape of the seasonal lake area at Cibolo Gardens Nature Preserve and Event Center.
Cibolo Gardens Nature Preserve and Event Center

Come visit the beautiful Texas hill country landscape of this 45 acres (18.21 ha) nature preserve! Located only 22 miles (35.4 km) from downtown San Antonio, Texas, USA, just off of US 281. Featured in our Cibolo Gardens: Our New Adventure blog. This educational homestead is an excellent place to host an event, teach a class, camp, and/or glamp, all while connecting with Nature. Check out their Facebook page and Hipcamp listing to plan an event or book a stay!

Totnes, Devon, UK Area Businesses:

Logo drawing of four green triangles, one containing the shape of the Earth, one containing the shape of a heart, one containing the shape of a leaf, and the center triangle left empty, stacked together to form one big triangle above the words, "The Zero Waste Shop."

The UK’s only, bulk-buy, organic, family-run, zero-waste shop! Featured in our Zero Waste: On the path to a No Trash Lifestyle and Foraging for Food and Medicine blogs. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages!

Logo drawing of the green silhouette of a leafing tree from roots to canopy with its two center branches shaped as a dancing man and woman above the word, "Vigouroots."
Vigouroots Ferments and Treats

Vigouroots understands that health starts in the gut. Products are lovingly made with live cultures and medicinal herbs. A Vigourooted diet promotes a satisfyingly healthy intestinal environment that allows your body & mind to thrive. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages!