New York Bound!

Here it is, everyone! Our official announcement of our move to upstate New York next week! Not only are we moving to a LGBTQIA+ friendlier state, but to the beginnings of an inclusive homesteading community based on what we’re all about, sustainability!

Landscape picture of green pasture under partial snow cover leading to a large pond backdropped by a woodland forest tree line with Father Sun beginning to peak over, sending warm colors throughout the sky.
Yule Morning Sunrise over New York Property 2021

New Perks in New York

We can not even begin to describe how excited we are to have found this great opportunity! The land is 96 acres with a man-made spring-fed stocked pond, pine groves, hardwood forest areas, and plenty of open pasture to expand growing and raising food on. The perfect environment for us to put all of our many experiences and grown knowledge base to good use! We’ll be able to increase our foraging knowledge by forming connections with the wild growing flora already thriving on the property. This land will also give us the safe space to develop our tracking and hunting skills based on proper Indigenous respect, honor, and prayer.

Our first main focus will be to help this land support itself once more, and to become an integral part of that balance ourselves. This will include implementing more regenerative practices through many forms of composting, pasture rotation, permaculture planting, etc. It will also include working towards the food sovereignty of our whole community. Fortunately, the founders have already taken steps in doing so with the egg and milk production of their current chicken flock and Nigerian goat herd.

Picture of two female Nigerian goats linking necks with a chicken hen sitting in a low brooding position right next to them, as they all cuddle together on top of a bed of hay.
A couple of the goats and one of the hens already living their best life on the New York land!

About the Founders

The official owner of the land is also the owner of! The people behind this company are amazing trail blazers for social justice. They provide gender affirming prosthetics for any person of any skin tone, any gender identity, and any financial situation. To quote from the GenderCat website: “Ours is a vision of the WHOLE community, NOT just the most popular or the most profitable segments of our community.” They also extend this great care to their own employees, who are all paid a thriving wage with full healthcare coverage.

The other founder of our new homesteading community is the published author Elliott Deline. He runs his own blog, is continuing to write more stories and poetry to publish, and helps to manage social media for GenderCat. It is thanks to him that we were even able to begin this new journey. He created a Discord server called queer intentional community, which Cristophe found and joined. Their initial introductions to the group already showed how very aligned all of our visions are for building a community. Cris and Elliott later included me, Elliott’s partner (owner of GenderCat), and their son into the conversation, and the alliance began!

New York Community Growth

This is the beginning of a long and prosperous road. But, we will make sure to keep you up to date every step of the way! We also promise that this community won’t just stop at benefitting our own health. We plan to develop community outreach programs that will continue to share knowledge and love with others. Especially, to those such knowledge was stolen from. We just have to get our foundation settled first! In the meantime, we’ll continue to grow our outreach here. Thanks for joining us! On to a better world together through healthy community!

Picture of two large dogs prancing along a walking trail with the sun high in the clear sky above them, a row of pine trees on one side, and a woodland forest tree line on the other side. You can also partially see the surface of a pond in the background between the pine trees.
Can’t wait to join such beautiful morning walks with the homestead dogs around the property!

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  1. Very happy about the opportunities that await you. Congrats on the move. Hope you keep us up to date about your new adventures!

    1. Thank you for reading and reaching out! We unfortunately do not have a Twitter account, but you are more than welcome to follow us on our Facebook and/or Instagram pages to view even more of our unique content!

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