Respect Poems

I deserve respect and happiness.

Therefore, I shall demand that respect

from others

as well as from myself,

and I shall work to continue being a person who deserves that respect,

while returning respect to those who also deserve it.

Others Respect

True friends don’t try to make you do something

just to make Them happy.

I’m not hurting me.

You are hurting Me!

Abuse my weakness

and it becomes My Strong Point!

The mimic:

“Roar! I’m Rimakej! Feel my wrath!”

The reply:

“No. It’s more like:

Roar! I’m Rimakej!

Feel my Absence.”

You want to attack my strong beliefs?

Then, I’ll expose your large flaws.

I can pick deeper and harder than you can,

so don’t start what you can’t finish.

Self Respect

I may not be enough for you.

But, I am enough for Me.

I give myself what I want.

My parents raised me to give respect where it is deserved,

to always take care of my responsibilities,

to encourage my creative side,

and to go after whatever will make me truly Happy.

My loved ones are important to me.

What and whom I believe in is important to me.

And, I am important to me.

I am better.

I am Me.

Stand tall and be proud of yourself,

because you deserve to be!

You’ve been through all of that drama and trauma in your past,

and you still survived to become the outstanding person that you are now!

That is why you should be respectful of yourself.

Through all of that, you still kept your goodness,

and protected the seed of your happiness

with the ability to help it grow.

Yes, you needed some help along the way,

but that’s true for everyone,

and that only shows that you have the courage

to accept help when it is truly needed

and arise all the Better.

Picture of a pencil drawing by Rimakej Valentini of the backside of a girl mid-spin with her arms flung out as she is standing in a puddle with rain drops falling all around her.
Drawing by Rimakej Valentini

This Is Me

And I Love It!

I’m not a perfect person.

I just Know myself Well.

Sure, I’ll change throughout the years,

but in the end, I’ll be

Still Just Me.

I am

my Own person.

No one else can own Me

nor even come close to knowing Me.

All About Me

I came from True Love

My partner in life is my teacher, student, colleague, lover, and closest companion

Our paths were always aligned, but did not join until we both were ready to be found

I have beautiful meaningful body art

I have spiritual piercings for the senses

My hair grows in locs of intuition

I do not hide my skin under false layers

It breathes freely with Natural Beauty

I wear only what serves me

I speak the Truth

and strive for Balance

I give thanks for every gift of nourishment

I see purpose

and respect as much as is deserved

I will to teach anyone who will truly Listen

I am a Naturally Wild Human

My love is earned only by your True Self

I admit, accept, and Learn from my wrongs

My scars are lessons

I know abuse on many levels

and the marks of trauma and anxiety

I know cold calculating numbness

and destructive distraction

I understand addiction to fillers

and the need to expel frustrations through points of physical expression

I choose Growth over stagnation

I choose Rising Above

and Healing Hope

I choose Meaningful Life

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