Safety and Survival in England

I know, we haven’t done much explaining of our recent move to England. Most people are confused by our lack of set plans for the future. And, even more are unaware of its ties to our safety and survival. So, here’s a little more information for you.

Picture of our joined hands in the airplane as we landed in England.

To preface, we’ve always been keenly aware of the dangers against minorities in our home country. A big reason for this being that most of our loved ones and we are members of those minorities. But, we continued to hope against the growth of the prejudices and hatred fueling those dangers. I have mourned more than once for the state of the country which currently controls the land of my indigenous ancestors. It feels unreal for my spiritual guides to lead me away from our work of healing that land for our own survival and safety. I am extremely grateful for the privilege my parents have afforded us in providing even a temporary refuge. My father is a dual citizen of England and the USA due to his lineage. I send protective energy to those in danger, who have been systematically striped and barred from such privileges.

When Safety and Survival Came First

It was back in July of this year when we first became aware of the tipping point. There was always an underlying intuitive feeling of the possible need to leave the USA. But, we hoped against it, and continued planning towards the growth of our homestead. We had already come to realize our need to find a new home to move our homesteading efforts onto. We were just not prepared for the accelerated timeline. July 22nd, 2020 was the night when we could no longer ignore the signs. Our guardians made it clear to us through multiple forms that the country had passed a crucial crossroads. It was time for us to plan accordingly. Instead of working to find a bigger piece of land more suited to our needs, the focus became sanctuary.

Looking up into the sky with growing faith in our journey for safety and survival.

And, now we’re here. We left most of our acquaintances to think of our trip as a prolonged vacation, but others know better. We made sure to do our part by voting before we left. And, we still maintain hope for our ability to safely return to our homeland. For now though, our plans are extremely variable and it is all a waiting game. But, even while faced with all of that uncertainty, we have faith in our ability to survive and thrive. We have faith in our ability to return to forming the homestead we’re meant to grow. Our skills are vast, our guardians are with us, and our spirits are strong.

Picture of us having a cuppa tea in my parents home in England.

Our English living

We’re now living in a little over 600 feet squared (55.75 meters squared) home with my rocker parents! They are thankfully much more awake and aware than others in their generation. So, stay tuned for our experiences in maintaining an eco-friendly, health conscious, herbalist, solar punk lifestyle here in England!