Water-Wise Vegetables by Steve Solomon

Photo of the Water-Wise Vegetables book copy at Half Hectare Homestead

Synopsis of Water-Wise Vegetables

Water-Wise Vegetables is a fascinating quick read book focused on water sensitive gardening in the Northwest Cascade mountains. In less than 100 pages the author gives his opinions on dryland farming, overuse of compost, and growing at least half of your diet mixed in with some basic soil science and a “how to grow it” category in the second half.

What I Learned

Given adequate room and soil conditions, most vegetables have an enormous root system (8 feet or more!) that is far larger than we assume. 

The Thing I Found Most Interesting and Why

Dry-farmed plants give roughly the same yield as irrigated plants, so long as the proper spacing is attended to, due to the water already stored in the soil.

What I Didn’t Like

That I can’t find some of the books in his suggested reading list!

Final Thoughts on Water-Wise Vegetables

Water-Wise Vegetables is a down-to-earth, easily understood gardening book written by someone who has the life experience and a bit of science under his belt. Even with the regional focus, the information is applicable anywhere you choose to grow.

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