Writing Poems

Writing all of the words unsaid

Are they better left Unread?

Writing Flow

Picture of a pencil drawing by Rimakej Valentini of a hand lowering the tip of it's middle finger onto the point of an upturned sewing needle causing blood to drip down the needle and into a puddle that is flowing like a river off of the page.
Drawing by Rimakej Valentini

Aching to rediscover the flow

Confusion of not knowing where it should all go

Reaching out to bring in the pieces

Until lack of power fully ceases

Filling pages with the blood of vanishing imaginations

To feed those left starving from growing demoralizations

’til the world is poisoned dry

Unless those aware continue to try

Using lies to tell truth

In hopes of freeing our World’s youth

Roaring waves crashing soundly.

Here they come.

The foreign men with sticks that shoot lightning

through the bodies of my People as they run.

They have not come my way, but are sure to find me soon.

My limbs will not move

as if the splattered blood of my slaughtered family

had paralyzed me on contact.

Here they come.

The trained wolves

out to have a taste of my hide.

Their humans shouting,

enjoying the thrill of the hunt,

but I shall be cunning and sly,

to escape ’til the next one.

Here they come.

A line of beautiful dancers.

Such a mixture of color that captures my eyes,

hypnotizing me,

as their bodies move with joyful beats of the ceremonial drums.

Now, no one comes.

I’m alone in myself.

Pausing my travels for the time being.

Just me.

Still the same in many ways,

but with new memories, experiences, thoughts, beliefs, feelings.

I just can’t wait for more,

as one by one, the pieces of my life puzzle

appear in front of me with an unknown amount left to go.

Here’s another one…

There’s a chance you could’ve wrote yesterday,

and a chance you could be writing today.

There’s a chance you could never write.


there’s a chance you could write another day.

State of Mind

My Place.

My World.

Stand in a wind that does not freeze you.

Cover your eyes just for a bit.

What do you think?

If your mind happens to draw a blank,

what do you feel?

If your senses are dull for any such reason,

try another place.

Our Homes are where we make them.

There must be no end to the Pull

Not that I ever wish for an end.

In this state

I can hear all

see all

feel all



A good story

Disappearing into only eyes

Happily caught in someone else’s time

Secretly dreading the return of your own reality

I’m trying not to lose sight of what should hold more sway,

and to forget those cloudy words that just won’t go away.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fall?

The end is scary, yes,

but for a moment, you can feel the wind.

For a moment, you can fell what it’s like to fly.

Too bad it has to End.

The Wind is pushing me

to Stay Home.

We must ponder the differences of the World

face by face

and thought by thought.

Bundle the ideas

to toss down the rabbit hole

and see what comes up.

Explore the crawl of creatures

and flight of the sky drawn

to compare the oddity of our own walk.

The use of touch to feel the World

is always to be sought.

Abstract Writing

Cover the floor in crimson.

Smear it all to rub in the pain.

Mark the walls with what you see.

Can’t stop it all from being




Must all who tread be left for dead?

Come join the dance most victors dread.

How will it work?

What is to be?

May I help to push it along?

Can they ever bring it?

So Lost am I

with only my memories.

Mother and Father,

Will it Be?

Counting the Leaves

And feeling the Breeze

Who knows best?

To do what I please.

To Live

What a complicated concept.

Come to play

Play I do

With you too

Falling through the ground

All the way down

With no one to talk to

But, you’re here,


Looks soft

Feels dry




Threads don’t lie

Torn to bits

An easy fix

For those that cry

Will never die






Green green grow

Fight the Tow

So you will know

It all won’t show

And you can Go

To be there

In You.



Onto someone new



They’re falling down to you



Nothing else to do



Never going to


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